Films Outside of Competition

Thursday, 30th May
7:30 pm - Le Parnasse Cinema

BRITISH COLUMBIA, A Land to Preserve

A movie by Franck Decluzet

Duration: 55mn

Type:  Nature Documentary

The Land of the Grizzly Bears

Canada is a land of exception where the wild still enjoys its freedom. Located between the Rockys and the Pacific Ocean, British Columbia is the most western province of Canada. Between high mountains, deeps fjords and pocket deserts it  is the shelter of a remarkable biodiversity and one of the richest land in terms of big animals where the Grizzli Bear reigns. British Columbia is a plural, majestic and vast land. One of the last we have to preserve.

KLORO FILMS productions – 2017

Thursday, 30th May
9:30 pm - Place du marché (outdoor)


A movie by Jorge Camilo Valenzuela

Duration: 52mn

Type: Nature and adventure documentary

The fourth largest island in the world, Borneo has rainforests that are more than 130 million years-old, made up of 4,000 metre-high mountains, mangroves and rivers. It is home to a wide range of ecological treasures and incredible wild life.

Jorge Camilo Valenzuela takes us on an extraordinary adventure with a behind-the-scenes glimpse of life as a wildlife photographer. In search of rare and endangered species in an environment that is as mysterious as it is dangerous, he reveals the splendour and fragility of this ecosystem in the wilds of Borneo.

F Productions – University College Sabah Foundation – Mapuche Production

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