May, 21 to 23 - 2019

in Mimizan, France

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The organization of the FIFPAN festival is managed by the “WNA” (Wildlife & Nature Awareness), an association which aims to raise public awareness of issues relating to the preservation of flora and fauna, develop education about the environment, and improve awareness of native cultures and peoples.

In this context, the Association created FIFPAN: the International Wildlife and Nature Film and Photography Festival.

One of FIFPAN’s unique characteristics is that it highlights the global nature of these artistic and technical professions. These professions enable the creation of pictorial and cinematographic works dedicated to animals that are photographed and filmed in their natural environments. The festival also aims to highlight the work carried out by associations around the world with a view to preserving and protecting nature, fauna and flora.

The Festival

FIFPAN is being held from 29 May to 2 June 2019. The festival aims to transcend political considerations and to highlight the biodiversity of the Earth through the art of creating images. Over the five days of the festival, prizes will be awarded to the best wildlife and nature photographers and film-makers.
The focus will thus be on images, since they are the best way of representing our world and the vast scope of its natural heritage.

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The Programme