Jorge Camilo Valenzuela, FIFPAN's President



The “FIFPAN” International Wildlife and Nature Film and Photography Festival’s goal is to highlight the raising of awareness and environmental education through the art of using images to capture our natural heritage and humanity.

The festival will also highlight the work of wildlife and nature photographers, film and video makers and associations all around the world.

The latter work tirelessly to preserve and protect our planet and the last indigenous peoples, as well as raising awareness of environmental diversity.


Locations and production conditions can make these professions difficult to exercise, from a physical, mental and financial point of view.

Relatively few photographers-film-makers manage to earn a decent living.

The cost of equipment and logistics, breakages, accidents, pre and post production time, are not always taken into account in the sale price of a photograph, reportage or documentary.

FIFPAN will thus be a unique opportunity to highlight the work of these specialists in wildlife and nature images.


Professional wildlife photographers, film-makers and technicians document the changes and deterioration in our planet. They reveal and provide bioindicators of flora and fauna that are surviving or in danger of extinction.

FIFPAN’s aim is to promote the work of these women and men who devote themselves to the professions of wildlife photographer, audiovisual technician and film-maker to institutions, businesses, the media and, above all, to the public.

To achieve this, FIFPAN will accept and present submissions of work from photographers, technicians and film-makers from all over the world.


The festival will hold separate professional and amateur competitions. In each category, the winner will receive an award and a prize.

Our goal with FIFPAN is to encourage exchanges between the public, photographers and film-makers, and to highlight the quality of their creations.

To accomplish this, we invite them to present their work and share their experiences with the public.

We also offer them national and international visibility with the display of their photographs in large, high definition formats and screenings of films with all the care that they deserve.

Finally, FIFPAN has been organized to enable us to pay tribute to and reward them for their work.