Joy of the Wild

Staffan Widstrand

Managing director and co-founder of Wild Wonders International, Staffan is a multiple award-winning independent professional photographer.

With 30 years’ experience in visual communication, he is also the author of 18 books that have been translated into 9 different languages, a National Geographic explorer since 2009 and a Nikon ambassador since 1997.

He participated in the creation of the Wild Wonders of Europe initiative, the Wild Wonders of China initiative, the International League of Conservation Photographers (ILCP), the Rewilding Europe project, and the Swedish ecotourism association. A partner in Wild Nature Photo Adventures, which specializes in the organization of photography trips, he regularly sits on juries for international photography competitions, including “World Press Photo” and “Wildlife Photographer of the Year”.

He has also conducted and participated in several major wildlife preservation media initiatives (Wild Wonders of Europe, Wild Wonders of China, Rewilding Europe, Scandinavian Big Five, Ajunngilaq).



Jungle Spirit - 15 Years


Jungle Spirit is the fruit of a long photographic investigation project which started in 2004 in Amazonia (Peru), and then continued in Borneo (Malaysia & Brunei) and Africa (Uganda). This large format photographic exhibition represents the spirit and essence of the world’s most beautiful jungles in Asia, Africa and South America. The exhibition highlights the incredible richness of the rainforests and raises awareness of the importance and beauty of the planet’s wildlife heritage. Its goal is to present a wide variety of species that are difficult to get near to, due to their rarity and their environment.

Acting like a guide, the exhibition transports the visitor into the heart of the planet’s “lungs”. It enables a diverse audience (educational teams, children, nature lovers, etc.) to discover a wide range of little-known species and to learn about this fascinating world. The exhibition also stimulates our sense of ecocitizenship, inviting reflection on the planet’s future and the changes we need to make in our lifestyles in order to preserve it.

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A personal research about the minimalist ambiences and the pure landscapes captured here and there from my doorstep upto the lands of northern Europe.

Jean-Michel Lenoir

A passion for nature from an early age led Jean-Michel LENOIR to photography as a means to capture magical moments of nature and wildlife. Contemplative by nature, he does not seek to capture a descriptive image, but rather a suggestive one, one that tells a story and bring us in an oneiric atmosphere.

Always seeking stunning lights that sublimate wide natural spaces, his graphical sensitivity presents as refined images, combining strength and emotion, melting real and fairy worlds, dramatism and softness.
Between dream and reality, he published in 2013 his first book called « The silvan souls », a personal approach on trees and forests.

Jean-Michel’s pictures are showcased at NATURAGENCY and he is regularly published in Geo magazine. The recognition he has receive at recent WPY, and GDT photography competitions strengthen his resolve and encourage him in his photography pursuits.

Combining his passion for travel photography and wild spaces, Jean-Michel organizes and guides photo tours with Photographes du Monde agency for six years. From north of Europe (Scotland, Norway, Finland) to South America (Chile and Bolivia), his photographic universe brings him to beautiful wild places where he finds his main source of inspiration.


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Benoît Feron

Benoît Feron is a belgian author and photographer. Passionate about exploration, he shoots all over the planet, its people and its wonders. His book “Portraits of the Rift” depicts the eternal beauty of the african peoples.

The appeal from the region made him start a project on the Rift Valley. And thanks to the power of his aesthetic approach he creates awareness about the extreme diversity of the populations, the identity of the different tribes and groups and their unique  creativity.

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